Yemoteley Quarshie – Henrico, VA

Where do I begin to describe Ms. Worthington-Adams? Well, I will start by saying she is simply amazing both professionally and personally. I remember our first interaction vividly – she was kind enough to transport us to the different listings as well as offer us light refreshments?! I mean, it doesn’t get better than that! From that day, Michela has been so resourceful in every meaning of the word. She knows everyone from an eletrician to a home painter to a master gardener [with an amazing home by the way] as well as cool spots like this bakery in Church Hill. How can anyone top that? She definitely encouraged us and brought us back to reality when we turned into the HGTV couples who have Caviar Taste on a Tuna Fish Budget. At times, it seemed as though the search would render no results, but Michela continued to have faith and remain diligent. Thankfully, we closed on our house this past week and we can say that we not only gained a realtor, but a friend. Thank you Michela! I have and will continue to highly recommend Michela for all of your housing needs!