Waterfront Lot Fun with the Dogs

2 dogs playing in the water at 65 Myrtle Ave

This Lot is #Merlin&BubblesApproved

This is now the 3rd waterfront lot that I have the privilege to list along Virginia’s beautiful coastline. This one, 65 Myrtle Ave, is out on Stingray Point in Deltaville, located in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula. These waterfront lots are particularly fun because I get to drive out to these lovely, serene places and get to enjoy the view myself for a little while.

It also gives me the opportunity to take advantage of #TakeYourDogToWorkDay. Merlin and Bubbles sure do love it! I have to admit so do I. They are fairly well behaved in the car until we get to our destination. Then Merlin just gets so excited when we get to the waterfront lot, he rushes me out of the car pretty quickly. They have become quick friends with my videographer/drone pilot Tyler.

The dogs really enjoy the opportunity to check out the lay of the land and to have the chance to swim a little. Bubbles likes to try to herd the waves. Merlin enjoys swimming and trying to chase the drone – Good luck with that Merlie!

White and Grey Dog standing on the beach at waterfront lot

Merlin watching for the drone

I think it also shows how much fun can be had at these lots. Since there isn’t a house there, we shoot the drone video to try to show the gorgeous views that can’t always be captured in regular, still photographs. I think having the dogs there having fun helps viewers potentially see themselves and their families and pets having fun there too.

One of these days I’m going to try to include some shots from a boat too. If you are going to have a waterfront lot, you are going to want a boat too right? Merlin loves boats and boat rides. It remains to be seen how Bubbles will fare. It looks like I’m going to have to purchase some doggie life jackets.

Be sure to check out my current listings of you would like to see if there is a waterfront lot that might interest you.

Border collie playing in the water off a waterfront lot

One Wet Dog!